Making & Me-Made-May

I was supposed to put a post up at the beginning of the year that outlined all my last year’s makes, but I have completely failed to do that! Sorry! I have also been incredibly slack about participating in Me-Made-May on Insta – a few posts, but not updated every day by any means. Blame our new puppy!

However, I was thinking today as I made inroads on the sewing of another pair of Emerson pants, that I don’t love buying RTW anymore. I prefer the raw materials. I do love buying or acquiring second-hand clothes. There’s something great about imagining the woman who wore my new second-hand denim skirt and wondering if she tired of or felt it was more summery, with it’s patchwork of pale denim or, perhaps, decided that she was into longer skirts this season. But in terms of new clothes? Give me the raw materials!

So I’m really excited about the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show coming up. I want to buy some yarn specifically for the Fade Shawl – inspired by Helen’s gorgeous shawl which I’d absolutely copy if I could find the yarn. That would be cheating of course, but I do love the colours she’s chosen so much! However, I’m going to look for some similarly earthy colours, shifting, perhaps into reds… we’ll see!

Next post, I will definitely outline some of the past twelve months sewing projects. But for now – gratuitous puppy shot. Note that there’s a York Pinafore there, too and Laura leggings made from merino wool. Sewing content! (But the main attraction is Winter, of course. Rescue dog extraordinaire!)


Bonus Ep – Wartime Weddings! Fashions on the Front

We’ve all heard of dresses made from parachute silk, but have you heard of dresses made from mosquito netting? Tune in to this special bonus episode to learn about some uniquely Australian wartime wedding dresses, comradery in the face of wedding bells and rationing, and general white and frothy goodness! Don’t forget to subscribe, join the mailing list, and look out for photos & more content on Instagram – @forgotten_threads

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Why I’m breaking up with my skinny jeans

Dear Skinnies,

It’s over. I thought we were soul mates, but you’ve let me down too many times. Too many broken promises – to make me look slimmer, to be effortlessly cool, to be timeless. Like all those old flames, I ignored the niggling feelings and kept insisting you were perfect for me. Fixing a crotch seam here, taking a hem up there, noting my favourite fibre content – but there is no cotton-nylon ratio which will make all my dreams come true.

We are never, ever, ever, getting back together.

I mean, maybe, but not in March.




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Fashions on the Front Ep 4: Make-do and Mend

In this episode we look at some specific garments created during the war which are particularly good examples of the ‘Make-do and Mend’ movement. From Adelaide, to Sydney, and finally to Port Moresby, Papau New Guinea, these garments incite discussion about patriotism and war crimes – a powerful example of how integral clothing is to our histories.

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Check it out…

Pattern: Retro Burda 4632 Catty found for me at a local op shop
Made before? I made a pair back in 2016 which didn’t fit very well and I ended up throwing out.
Will make again? Yes, these are perfect for work and work/night transitions. I have some more check fabric, and I’d like a black pair too. Do you think I could make these in a stretch cotton and have them be more fitted?? Comment below!
Adjustments? I ended up fiddling with the pleats at the front a bit, and sewing them down.
Inspiration: Definitely post The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel bingeing… You can also check out my Pinterest board on this style!
Fabric: Cotton from Remnant Warehouse

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