Hard to believe!

That the other half of ‘fern and thread’ has left Melbourne and headed to Glasgow. But she has and I’m missing her! I also have weather envy. We’ve had a few days of real summer weather in Melbourne, including one hot night, and our house isn’t really built for extremes of temperatures. Instead of wallowing in deep envy maternal sadness, however, I’ve got busy and begun the annual get-organised-before-the-New-Year mess-up clean-up.

It started with a gentle pattern cull, which led to a pattern re-organisation, which led to the study because I had the bright thought of putting Indie patterns in magazine files, which meant I had to do a magazine cull in the office, which led to a bookcase re-organisation because they looked so shabby and that led to a bit of a book cull – but not as much as I would have liked – how can I not have read quite so many books?

In the middle there was the Great Yarn Storage Idea – this was before Helen left – and that led to a trip to Ikea where many things were purchased but most importantly the Yarn Storage was procured. This led, inevitably, to hauling Many Things out of the office stash store room. Which is now much clearer. Thank you, Swedish design. My yarn storage came from the kids’ section of Ikea – by far the best part, I reckon. I mean, I can never have a kitchen like they have in their walk-through-and-drool-rooms, nor will my bed ever be as ‘dressed’ or my desk as damned clear but I can have a slightly messy playroom!

Before the Accountant would put the Ikea storage together he demanded I clean up the ‘mess’ in part of the lounge. That meant more storage solutions as part of mess neat pile of crap delight were lengths of fabric. The Accountant shrewdly suggested he procure said storage solution and hied off to the cheap shop (no more lifestyle choices for me!). He came back with a plastic container large enough to bury the dog in, should she shuffle off this mortal coil before I folded fabric. (And for roughly a third of the price of my Brilliant Storage Idea.)

I am most certainly looking forward to the New Year! Stay tuned for knitting and sewing resolutions. I leave with you photos of the Copenhagen Calling cowl knitted for Helen from my own handspun. First two colour slipstitch pattern I’ve done – loved it! She has clearly got it inside out here – but there it is. Beautiful fibre from Ixchel fibres which spun up lushly. There’s cashmere and other goodies I’ve forgotten but trust me, warm as toast and as soft as a baby’s skin. 15778555_10154271985570698_2036114438_o1