Helen’s 2017 Make Nine

Helen Says…

I know, this is a bit late – one month into 2017 already! But given it is still the first month of the year, and there’s more than nine to go, here are the new projects and new skills I want to master in 2017…



  1. Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns: Gingerella showed these off in her September Makes vlog last year, and that was when I really fell for this pattern. But I wasn’t sure – would jeans be too far over my head? Well, now I’m in Scotland, and need to make friends, I’ve signed up for a sewing class! About making Ginger Jeans! So in about 8 weeks time, you should see a new pair of olive jeans on this blog 🙂 🙂
    Skills to build: fly zip, zips in general, top stitching, belt loops, rivets
  2. Agnes Top by Tilly & the Buttons: I’ve always wanted to make this top, but the little elastic gathers at the front scare me! Now that I have my head around the Molly top from Sew Over It though, I think I’m ready for this one. I’ve also purchased a Craftsy course on sewing with knits. Basics here we come!
    Skills to build: everything with knit fabric, on a regular sewing machine (no overlocker in Glasgow 😦 )
  3. Alex Shirt from Sew Over It: I wear collared shirts All. The. Time. I just don’t feel dressy enough to go out without a collar peeking up over my jumper. Up until now, I’ve searched charity shops high and low for good ones. While I’m sometimes lucky, there are so many beautiful rayons screaming out to be worn!
    Skills to build: Collars, buttons and button holes.
  4. Nancy Dress from Sew Over It: In Love. Nothing else to say. Have the fabric already.
    Skills to build: Slippery fabrics and cutting accurately.
  5. Lingerie of some kind: I haven’t decided on a pattern for this yet, really. I can never find bras and underwear which I like, fit me, and don’t show under jeans. Plus, they’re so expensive! I wouldn’t mind spending the money on supplies though, and having matching sets a la Hollie from Hollie Dolly is very appealing…
    Skills to build: everything to do with sewing lingerie…a craftsy course, possibly?
  6. Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress: I think this in a merino knit would be a Winter staple…
    Skills to build: More knit fabric skills?
  7. Arielle Skirt from Tilly & the Buttons: A tight, short skirt with a collared shirt and jumper, and some cool patterned tights, is my favourite city outfit. I love the idea of adding interesting contrasting buttons as well. And really, Tilly can do no wrong…
    Skills to build: everything I do with skirts turns out wrong, so just making one that fits will be a miracle…
  8. Ailakki Cross Front Jumpsuit by Named Patterns: This was love at first sight! Diary of a Chainstitcher, one of my favourite blogs, did a brilliant version of this. When I get to the end of the year and am feeling more confident with my fitting and accuracy skills, I plan to give this a go for a Christmas outfit.
    Skills to build: Zips, lining, accuracy, hand sewing.

Happy sewing everyone! H xx

P.S I was planning on vlogging all of this, but my camera has stopped working on the filming mode. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring you a video soon, of the handmade wardrobe I brought to Glasgow with me!

P.P.S So many planning blogs, so few makes…..