kielo in the jungle…

Pattern: Kielo Wrap Dress by Named Clothing
Made before? This was my first attempt!
Will make again? Yes, but a long version
Adjustments? I originally made this full length but then cropped it short, and added splits to the side & back seams. I also faced the bodice.
Inspiration: check out my pinterest board
Fabric: ‘layered leaves’ crepe from Minerva Crafts


The one issue I have with this pattern is how it looks when you shorten it. The side wraps tend to bunch up towards the front, rather than folding neatly. I have plans for how to adjust the pattern to hopefully change this in future versions. For this one though, I simply unpicked about 4 inches of the side and back seams, which has given the fabric a bit more ease so it lies a wee bit flatter.


Although in this photo the splits look very high, in reality, the ties hold everything in place so you only get a glimpse of leg.

This crepe is gorgeous! I love its versatility – I could easily just wear this out for a coffee but with my clogs or these boots it’s great for dinner or a day date out. And I have a green dress I can wear under it for winter, too.

There’s a real mix of finishing techniques in this dress. I was trying my best to make the insides beautiful as well, and to prevent fraying. My sewing machine in Glasgow wasn’t good at zigzagging, although I did use this on the side seams. For the lining, I used the turn & stitch method, which I love the look of. I wish I had done french seams on the side seams, but I think at the time I wasn’t sure how that would work construction-wise, because of the ties and lining. I might go back over these with the overlocker just to give a more professional finish.


And yes, I was dancing in every one of these photos. Because, well, Lorde.

Which way do you love the kielo – short or long?

Happy sewing! xxh


So I’ve sewn a sallie…

Pattern: Sallie Jumpsuit by Closet Case Files
Made Before? I tried…but that’s a story for a different blog post
Will Make Again? Yes
Adjustments: I followed the tutorial Heather Lou wrote on hacking the jumpsuit into a romper, and omitted the pockets because I felt they’d be too bulky.
Fabric: knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics, it has a bit of a spongey texture to it but I’m not sure of the composition
Inspiration: check out my pinterest board

While I will make this again, I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I think the shorts are pretty unflattering – that’s the widest part of my body anyway, and the combination of elastic waistband, bunching, and horizontal stripes only accentuates that. The fabric was a perfect choice though because it has enough structure and weight to not be clingy.


The pattern itself is well-written and instinctive. If Heather Lou could just make patterns for my whole wardrobe I’d die happy!

I added a pompom trim to the arm and leg holes, which I love. And I love that I can wear it with this vintage embroidered belt I inherited off my step-great-grandmother. So that’s a win.

The neckband isn’t perfect – I’m still trying to suss out how to get those v-neck bands snag-free. Any tips?


I did attempt pattern matching, and I feel like it was successful, at least across the front of the shorts. The only let-down is the CF seam where the waistband joins the shorts – that little slither of white annoys me, although a belt hides it. As for construction, I did this all on the overlocker, except for the pom pom trim which was sewn by hand.

Next time I make this, I’ll probably slice about 1.5cm off the neckline – I think it’d be a tad easier to get on and off if it was wider, and a touch more flattering.

What’s your favourite romper pattern? Any tips for inserting bands on v-necks? Let me know below.

Happy sewing! xxh