#memademay2018 round-up and my 2018 #makenine …





I posted 20 days in total, however, I definitely wore me-made many more days than that. I think there were only 3 or so days where I didn’t, even if my one item was just a shawl.

So what did I learn from May?

  1. I don’t have a single black jersey top, or any material top, that will tuck into high-waist skirts and trousers and look flattering. Which is a problem, because I actually have a few me-made skirts which I didn’t wear at all in May because I didn’t have an outfit for them.
  2. Long sleeve tees for around the house! And also to add a lovely scarf to (of which I have many) for just coffees out.
  3. I’ve changed jobs, and I can’t wear any out-there, colourful shirts etc to work anymore. So some more basic shirts and dresses would be helpful.
  4. I’d love to have more dress/shirt combination outfits, with a bit of a 60s or 70s feel. I always pin outfits like these on my inspiration boards, but I don’t have many.
  5. I’m relishing more challenging sewing, and I have a real longing for some indigo denim jeans/trousers and shorts…

Which brings me to…

(The rest of) 2018 Make Nine!

make nine 2018

Left column –

  1. Tabor v-neck from Sew House 7 will fill some of my basic tee needs, and may also be a good tuck-into-jeans/skirts top
  2. Alex shirt from Sew Over It, in a smaller size than my previous versions, could be a great basic shirt – although I have some hack ideas inspired by 1920s fashion that I might try out on it, more to come!
  3. Lucia top by Sew Over It, for tucking into jeans! I went ‘shopping’ and tried on a top like this, and actually loved it – so we’re grand! I’m going to put some photos from that shopping trip up on my Insta stories so look out for that.

Middle column – VINTAGE!

I have so many vintage patterns and I really, really, really want to give them a go!

  1. Simplicity 9811 reminds me of the dove blouse, and will be easy to fit with those princess seams!
  2. Simplicity 1284 (vintage re-release), this has nothing to do with my lessons in May, I just love those vests!
  3. Style 1944 again has nothing to do with my reflections on May, but will be a great party/day dress come Summer

Right column –

  1. Lander Pants from True Bias would be a challenging make, to fill those longings, and also super flattering. I’ll try the shorts version first I think, in some black stretch I found at the op-shop.
  2. Ava dress from Victory Patterns will actually be in preparation for a wedding I’ll be going to, (my first proper/adult wedding!) and while it’s not until next year, it pays to be prepared! (I’m hopeful guys, invite me to some weddings)
  3. I left this one blank because there are a few patterns I’ve made successfully several times before that I really want to make more of. The Orla dress was a gem last month, and would have been better if I’d fixed the zip earlier. I love the faux-wrap front hack. I’d also love a couple more versions of the Dove Blouse, including giving it a go in a knit fabric. Then there are some Kommatia patterns, little cropped tops, which I think would be useful too (and which I’d like to add a lettuce hem to).

So there we go!

How did your Me Made May go? Link any blog post round-ups below, I’d love to read them all! Should I get into some vlogging? What do you think, let me know below.

Happy Sewing, hxx


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