spinning around…

Pattern: Self-drafted wrap maxi skirt using instructions from this post on Contour Affair
Made Before? No
Will Make Again? Yes!
Adjustments? I didn’t have enough fabric so the width of the ruffle changed
Fabric: Crepe bought (I think??) from Minerva Crafts, or another excellent online UK fabric store while I was living in Glasgow. It’s gorgeous crepe – if you see this out and about anywhere, pounce on it. Crepe is probably my favourite fabric to sew with!


This tutorial was fantastic, I’d highly recommend it. I know that Elisalex of By Hand London is also planning to write one, she made a brilliant and quite similar skirt recently. It’d be perfect for Summer right now in the UK, but I bought a long-sleeve black top recently (excused because I find it hard to find high-quality, true black knit ribs in Australia, and they’re a bit of a boring basic to sew) and so I’m hoping to get some wear out of this in winter with that and a cropped leather jacket. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see this outfit… @helen_fern_and_thread


It’s a shame I can’t remember more about how I made this! It was pretty sloppy though, so maybe it’s better this way. I’m planning on making another one, this time with a waistband which is more secure – for this version I just turned and stitched, but the fabric is too heavy for that alone to hold the skirt up, so I always need to wear a belt.


Well there you have it, all I remember!HappysewingHelen

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