a dove for dancing…

Pattern: Dove Blouse by Megan Nielsen
Made before? Yes I have, but I haven’t blogged it yet…no, this blog is never in make order!
Will make again? Yes, although I am starting to doubt the practicality of these sleeves!
Adjustments? I hacked it to make a dress, more on that below
Inspiration: Check out some of my inspiration here
Fabric: This was a jersey from Spotlight, but this polyester crepe from Minerva Crafts would be a beautiful version in a woven. Check out what I used that fabric for here.

dove dress two

Here’s how I made the Dove Blouse into a dress:

  • Worked out approximately how long I wanted it to be
  • Added a triangular shape to the dress side – so I extended the CF/CB by the length I’d worked out in the first step. I drew on the hem. Then I made the triangle by drawing a 45 degree angled line out from under the bust to my new hem.

This is a standard trapeze dress hack, for which you can find better instructions than mine all over the web. While we’re on instructions – this pattern is fantastic, clear, and well drafted. I do think it is much better made up in something with a good drape, but more on that in the next blog post…

I still made this in a size small, as I had done previously. Because this is a knit, however, I ended up taking the side seams in by at least an inch almost all over. I wanted a fairly snug fit on the bust.

I used a facing as per the original pattern as well. I’m so happy with how neatly this v turned out! I sewed this up using the overlocker and sewing machine, with the sleeve hems unfinished, and a deep hem on the bottom, to give it some weight and prevent curling.

dove dress three

I used the largest version of sleeves. I love them, but. They are so impractical! To wash my hands I have to pull them up over my shoulders, I can’t eat in them, it’s a dress I can really only wear out to a gig or for a drink. Or to dance, perfect for dancing!


dove dress one





Now, who is going to take me dancing?

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