Weekly summary…

Last week was my first week back at uni, since returning from Glasgow. I wanted to take this opportunity to write a short summary of what is going on in my life, some exciting new ventures, and tell you what I’ve been sewing & wearing! Also folks, there’s going to be a giveaway…so keep reading!

What’s been going on…

A helluva lot, basically.

I’m not now, and may never be, ready to talk about my mental health on this platform.

However, the honest truth is three months ago, I struggled to believe I could manage to live for another year.

And now, I feel calm. I don’t feel content, or overwhelmingly happy, or even like I have my shit sorted. But I feel calm, and I feel like I can manage.

SO, you should see me around here much more regularly. 

I have a few projects in the works, and I have a routine again thanks to going back to university. I know you’ll especially love one of these projects, a video series I’m creating…but you’ll have to wait a few weeks to see exactly what that is…

In the meantime, I need your help!

I’m going to be producing a fashion history podcast in the near future. This will be part of a university assessment, as well as being incredibly interesting to me personally. I am going to need the help of the sewing community though – and I’ll be posting about this in-depth very soon.

It would help me enormously if more people could find out about this project. 

At the moment I have around 200 followers on Instagram – please help me get to 500! At that point I would love to host a giveaway to give back to the community which has always helped me, to share with you all. So please, if you read this blog, follow it. If you have a friend who would be interested, message it to them! I’m not asking for huge post re-grams or anything, but if you could just do this small thing, I would so appreciate it.

But anyway, back to the sewing…

Lately I’ve been working on some makes for the video series I’m producing for you guys, which is why I haven’t been sharing much on social media. Catty and I went on a more-expensive-than-anticipated fabric shopping trip the other week, the contents of which I can’t share because it’s part of this secret project.

But because you have been so lovely in reading this, I’ll give you a tiny hint…I’m making a vintage re-release coat pattern, in a very vibrant fabric. It’s a make inspired by a very lovely version of the Victory Pattern’s Ulysses Trench…but I won’t tell you whose version!

I’ve also been obsessively scrolling through Knee Scocks & Goldilock’s Insta feed. A lovely work friend has asked me to sew something up for his tiny daughter, and I’m so excited to venture into children’s sewing for the first time! I’m guessing that will be a pretty quick project, so hopefully I’ll be sharing it with you soon. You can check out the patterns I’ll be making while you wait – the Cocoon Dress and Kelli Kimono. Let me know if you’ve made either of these and have any tips!

And what have I been wearing?

This week there were a few days I managed to wear multiple me-made, or catty-made, garments – here are some photos (unfortunately not taken on the actual days, because, life).

Top row: Molly top with v-neck hack in cotton jersey from the Fabric Store, secondhand leather jacket & scarf; Enso jumper by Renee Callahan in wool from Spotlight, with Simplicity 1370 in black faux suede from Remnant Warehouse and secondhand top; Kielo wrap dress by Named clothing in tie-dye jersey from Spotlight, with Enso jumper by Renne Callahan in organic merino yarn from Dandelion yarns.

Bottom row: As above, Molly top as above, Simplicity 1370 with Enso jumper from before and Cowl made in homespun, spun and knitted by Catty.


Well, that’s me signing out for now. 

If you struggle with mental health in any shape or form, please please feel free to send me a message on Instagram. The greatest thing about this community is how everyone helps one another, and I’m more than happy to do my bit for you.  

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