Me and Marcy

Pattern: Vogue 9057
Made before?I have now made quite a few of these!
Will make again? Oh yeah – me and Marcy Tilton patterns – this top, the cirque dress (V9112) and V8876 along with variations of the tube skirt, form my most worn me-mades. Discovering this top has been a joy! It more than successfully replaces the store-bought tunic tops I have habitually worn – and I can make tunics, short sleeved and long sleeved tops. Perfect!
Adjustments? The only adjustment I’ve made is to add some bands to the end of the sleeves in a contrasting mesh which I also used for the neckband in View A of the pattern. I also often don’t buy enough fabric to cut both front and back on the fold, so some of the tops have a seam at the back.
Inspiration: Store-bought tunics/tops from Taking Shape, Motto and the like.

Fabric: I’ve made this in various weights and stretchiness of knit fabrics. The black one is a crepe, and the jungley one is scuba. The lighter weights I tend to wear with a camisole underneath.

Black crepe top – this is my stand-by top that goes with all my coloured straight skirts. I love the hem, the neckline and the sleeve length. I want another in navy. And possibly one in some kind of green. The lovely thing about this pattern is that you can ring changes on the neckband and add little bands to the sleeves, too. It’s worn here with a straight skirt in a stretch lace fabric – this was a remnant from Tessuti in Melbourne and I lined it with some mesh in my stash. I love the skirt – it’s so faded rose and High Tea.

To the right is the three-quarter length sleeved version – and some readers might recognise that this is the green version of the fabric Helen used for her Dove dress. We were going to do a ‘Same, same but different’ post but Helen had a rush of enthusiasm and forgot. It’s seen here with yet another straight skirt….


Then I found this amazing printed scuba at Spotlight and decided that it, too, could be a Marcy top. I was a little unsure about this – it was possible I’d end up looking like one of those cane lounge suites that were so popular in the late seventies. (I bought one second-hand in the very early eighties for one of my first flats.) However, the pastel/crayon kind of effect saved this. I’m not one hundred percent sold on the feel of this scuba next to my skin, I’d have to say. But I like the pattern of the fabric enough to persist. It’s like wearing a child’s version of a jungle!

I can see more of these in my future, as I’ve already said. It’s a versatile pattern and exactly the kind of shape I wear a lot. I’d like a lace version for summer that I could wear over a camisole or even a sleeveless dress. I’m experimenting with different approaches to tunic-wearing – like many women my age, I hate showing my arms but I’m also a little bored with the default under-layering option for summer. A cotton lace sleeved version could be a useful asset.

Meanwhile, the weather is so foul in Victoria, that I’m in full knitting mode! More on that in a later post.

Are you a maker who plans for a season ahead? Or do you just jump into projects with unseasonal enthusiasm?

I’ve signed up for the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe – and delighted to discover that someone’s started a Meetup group for this in Melbourne. More on how that all works for me later. Stay posted!





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