What I’ve been sewing to…

I don’t know how you working mothers do it.

I know I have a tendency to get over-excited about the 3,000 things I’m planning, set way too many goals, and end up feeling disappointed…but this semester has kind of taken the cake. Two fashion history-orientated research projects, as well as my other subject at uni, a video series to produce for YouTube (with accompanying sewing), a do-over of the blog and more frequent posts, finally getting a gym membership, and auditions for a reality TV show (my lips are sealed, please don’t tempt me to tell!)

And then my latest obsession, podcasts.

The thing about podcasts is there’s so many, and there are so many ways to listen, and then you can spend hours choosing the perfect platform and the perfect podcast…and then never actually fit in your sewing. So I’m solving that problem for you – here are my top five podcasts to listen to while sewing…


In no particular order…

  1. Thread Cult –  A Podcast for the Sewing, Fashion, and Textile Obsessed
    Unfortunately, Christine is no longer updating this podcast, but there are 42 episodes already uploaded. I’ve listened to many of these at least twice over, particularly episodes 34 & 35. The episodes are a good mix of textile and sewing related episodes, and fashion history or exhibition-based episodes. Also, Christine has a very calming voice… good for sewing!

    Best way to listen – via the website or on itunes

  2. Stitchers Brew – A cup of tea and crafty chatter with Gabby and Megan
    Does this even need to be on this list? If you haven’t laughed along to the generosity, bubbliness, and charm of Gabby & Megan, you’ve been missing out. Go get your dose of the sewing community!

    Best way to listen – via the website so you can check out the show notes

  3. Dressed: the History of Fashion – Fashion History is about more than pretty clothes
    April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary are fashion historians from the states, feminists, and generally interesting & funny people. They interview some great guests you’ve probably never heard of for this insightful podcast, and run a bangin’ insta account. This is the best discovery of the year, by a long shot!

    Best way to listen – Spotify, itunes, or via the website.

  4.  Adulting – Unpicking the difficult process of growing up in this confusing world

    Oeone Forbat is a 20-something fitness blogger from London, but this podcast is in no way limited to fitness – in fact, it’s barely about fitness at all. There’s a good dose of feminism in here, and some great life lessons in finances, gynaecology, and social activism. If you’ve ever tagged a post #adulting, this is for you.

    Best way to listen – Spotify or itunes.

    5. The Upgrade by Lifehacker – Look, you’re doing great, but quite frankly we think you can be a little better.

    The upgrade is currently going through their own upgrade, but there are plenty of old episodes to peruse here and new ones will be coming soon. This is a great podcast for when you’ve just been fabric shopping, and have come home to stare at the mountain of planned makes, misc fabrics, and all your lost sewing hopes & dreams…

    Anyway – check out my favourite episodes – How to Be Less Stupid About Money, How to Tell If You’re Dating a Psychopath, and How to Pursue a Side Hustle (ok, I haven’t listened to that last one yet, but I just pressed play, because honestly I need that so badly now).

    Best way to listen – Spotify

Podcast Shortlist – The Food Medic, Ask a Manager, Guys We F****d, The Bechdel Test – all available on Spotify.


Have I missed any? Let me know what you listen to in the podcasts below! And any tips for time management while you’re at it?

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