Little Black Skirt

Pattern: Simplicity 1370
Made before? Yes, I’ve blogged about it here.
Will make again? yes, I love this view & I have another version in the works with a slightly more retro feel.
Adjustments? Raised the waist seam to make it sit at a high natural waist, and graded between size 10 at the waist and 12 at the hips.
Inspiration: Check out some of my inspiration here.
Fabric: Suede backed scuba from Remnant Warehouse – they don’t seem to have any more in stock, but you could try this super cool fabric.

skirt two.jpg

I just assumed when I bought this pattern that the faux wrap with the buckle would be hard to do – so even though I loved the late-60s, early-70s vibe of it, I ignored those visions. Have you guys ever watch Good Girls Revolt on Amazon? You must. Immediately. My heart melts at the styling.

After making my first version of culottes, I realised raising the waist seam of a pattern isn’t actually hard, and for me, it makes clothing instantly more comfortable. In this case, I raised the waist seam by one inch.

Also, yes, that is a Brownie Box camera and I treasure it! I haven’t successfully opened it up, the hinges seem to be caught somehow, but one day this baby is going to get used again.


Helens 60s Simplicity 3170 skirt buckle detail

For the buckle, I used one I found at the op-shop. It’s actually pale pink, so I just spray painted it black with some paint we had lying around. And then sewed it together. And then ruminated some more on my washing-logistics, realised that was possibly a very stupid idea, … and did nothing. So future Helen can deal with that one.


I feel like my invisible zipper game is improving! I think the key is to watch a helluva lot of youtube tutorials. Eventually, someone will explain it in a way that makes sense to you, and everything will fall into place. This doesn’t close all the way to the top, unfortunately, and there is some slightly messy hand sewing at the top, but it’s better than most of my efforts!

Helens 60s Simplicity 3170 inside out back 60s skirt


skirt one side

This pattern is simple, and once you’ve worked out how to fit it for you, it’s incredibly versatile. I’d definitely recommend it.


One issue I’ve struck with this pattern (and which I found last time) is that it fits me perfectly when it is made up in a stretch fabric and still with a zip! Every time I’ve tried to make this in a non-stretch fabric, I haven’t been able to sew up the back seam. At all. Every time, I also forget this fact – so here’s my latest drama –

skirt detail one.jpg

Any suggestions for me? I’m considering adding a panel underneath the wrap, of just a few inches, and then I’ll have to add panels in the waistband at each side. Does that seem like the most logical solution to you?

Unfortunately, I’ve already lined the skirt, so there’s even more to undo. I have changed my seams to be as small as possible, but there still isn’t enough width to sew a zip.



Here’s a couple of other ways I’ve styled the black version – follow me on Instagram for more #DIYOOTD posts – @helen_fern_and_thread



How can I fix this skirt and fulfill my Good Girls Revolt dreams? Let me know in the comments below, or send me a DM on Instagram!



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