Sew Vino Ep. 1 – a pet nat & a crazy vest…

Pattern: Simplcity 1284
Made before? No
Will make again? Yes, I think in a more traditional coating fabric I’d get more wear out of this, maybe even with patch pockets…more on this later
Adjustments? I added a lining and in-seam pockets
Fabric: A cotton from Ikea.
Check out the video of this episode here

Welcome to the show notes for the first episode of Sew Vino!

If you haven’t heard, Sew Vino is where I pair my latest makes with my favourite wines! For Episode One I chose Simplicity 1284, version D, with a pétillant naturel Rosé by I’ll Fly Away wines.

All about the wine!


The wine is a 2017 Syrah Rosé from the Yarra Valley (very near where I live!). I went into Wine Republic and asked the attendant there for a recommendation – the conversation went a little bit like this…




Me: “So I have a very vague idea of what I want. Something sparkling, it’s for a vlog where I pair wine & sewing makes, so it needs to have some sort of interesting story to it…potentially an orange wine, but definitely sparkling, hopefully Australian, and, yeah, a story…”

Him: “That is not vague. Buy this. Everyone loves it, it has a cult following, I’m taking it home tonight.”

wine one


Obviously, people in wine stores are in sales, but when you go to a boutique store and they say “buy this” you know it is going to be good. So I bought it, and then almost bought the five other wines he said would be good, but not quite as good, as this one.

I’m not going to go through the full tasting notes, because I want you to watch the video! Basic details are funky dry rosé, from an independent winemaker in the Yarra Valley, you can buy it from Wine Republic for $29.99 (AUD).

If you’re in the UK – I am asking an expert for recommendations, and these will be up soon! 


All about the sewing!

Fern and Thread for Sew Vino Helens Coat made from Ikea cotton worms eye view

I chose this pattern because I wanted a fuss-free pattern to pair with this outrageous Ikea fabric. Simplicity 1284 was already in my stash, so I went with that!

I left off the sleeves because I felt with them on it was a little too much. They do have a lovely shape to them though, including a dart feature near the elbow which is so vintage, so I’d like to make another version with them.

Fern and Thread for Sew Vino Helens Coat made from Ikea cotton dart detail





The dart features on the front and back are really lovely too. There are no bust darts, so I do wonder how this would fit if you had a bigger bust.

Other details to note are that there are no pockets included, or fastenings. This makes it quick, but if you live in a windy city, possibly impractical.







Ferm and Thread for Sew Vino Helens Coat made from Ikea cotton hem detail adding a hem bandI added a lining and in-seam pockets. The links to these tutorials can be found in the description box of Episode One! After adding the lining, I realised it was too long. The lining would show once I had hemmed the main fabric. For this reason, I added a hem band to the bottom.


I’m definitely making this again. I already have a short version cut out in a wool blend I bought ages ago, I just need to cut a lining for it. I’ve made an inspiration board – next Winter I’d love a colour blocked version, with grey and taupe, or a plaid version that’s more of a duster-length, or even a leopard print version… what do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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