two tie tees…

Pattern: Kommatia T003
Made before? Yes, I made a striped version in a stable knit which I wear all through Summer
Will make again? Without a doubt, read more for specific uses for this tee…
Adjustments? There is a hack detailed below…
Inspiration: This Lululemon t-shirt
Fabric: The orange is a rayon jersey I bought for $3 a metre at Spotlight years ago, the blue was a remnant from Lincraft even more years ago!

Did you know that bamboo is not actually a sustainable fabric choice? Neither did I. A recent episode of the Dressed podcast (my personal favourite) enlightened me. Apparently, you’re best off choosing tencel, modal, hemp, or linen for your sewing needs. SO, if you know someone selling modal jersey in Australia please let me know ASAP.

My workout wardrobe needs it.

After a year of guzzling booze in Glasgow and a bout of depression, I decided a gym membership was needed. I’ve spent years avoiding gyms, though, and so my activewear wardrobe is just…well, ill-fitting & slobby. As much as I love showing off my Shetland Wool Show tee at gym, I also know it is going to be too hot to workout in this Summer. Enter sewing remedy…

These tees won’t make it to the gym, but they were a useful trial.

Fern and Thread Helens Blue Kommatia Tee with a Tie Front Hack Front View

This wasn’t a perfect hack. I’ll give you a link to a better method below, but first, let me tell you what I did.

  1. For the orange version, I cropped the pattern at the natural waist. For the blue, I cropped it about 1.5 inches lower.
  2. I added a tie-shape extension to the CF seam.
  3. Then I sewed it following the instructions, except only hemming with a narrow hem on the overlocker.


Fern and Thread Helens Kommatia Tee with a tie front hack close up of the length which is cropped a little too short to be comfortable

What didn’t work about this:

  • I should have hemmed using the same colour thread as my fabric. The white really stands out and makes this look home-sewn.
  • The orange was cropped too short to be comfortable to me.
  • The ties are slightly too long, and a strange shape.

How I’d make this better next time…

  • One way would be to add a panel to the bottom half of the tee, so the ties were effectively double-sided. This would make the hemming neater, and get rid of the overlocker thread showing.
  • Countour Affair has a good tutorial for a cropped tee, the shape of her ties look much more RTW, so I’m going to copy those next time. (FIY, Julia is the DIY Queen. A Pair & A Spare used to be my fave, but Julia has officially taken over!)

The sewing pattern itself…

I love Kommatia patterns. I wouldn’t say this has the most beginner-friendly instructions, but I also don’t think beginner sewists should rely on pattern instructions.

My beginner sewing tip is to get yourself a good sewing manual, and follow those instructions for techniques like hemming, neckbands, and sleeve insertion. If you set this up as a habit, you’ll learn a lot more, and be able to make informed decisions about which methods you use. Note: this is a tip I am trying to follow as well!

I love the cuffs on the sleeves of this pattern. They’re easy to do, and perfectly undone. The neckline isn’t too low, so if you’re concerned about modesty this is a perfect pattern in that regard.



Well, that is about it from me. What are your wardrobe essentials sewing patterns/hacks? Let me know in the comment below.

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