Slow Fashion October

I’m as guilty as anyone of inadvertently reproducing fastish fashion in my own sewing room! Slow Fashion October is a great reminder to think before you leap into fabric purchases, inappropriate makes and fabric choices. It’s time to reflect on what you need in your wardrobe, what you want in your wardrobe and the most ethical and sustainable way to achieve those goals.

I hang on to clothes I love with the relentless grasp of a overbearing and neurotic mother. I remember clothes I’ve loved and exactly why in the same way I remember books and poems. That pair of dusty rose trousers from Country Road I bought when I was twenty-two? Those fringed suede boots I bought when I was seventeen? A batwing blue indian-print top my mother bought me when I was eighteen? Check, check and check.

Still, when I look in my wardrobe today, I’m gobsmacked by the sheer choice. My wardrobe is not a capsule. It’s a Tardis of many capsules. Many of the items are hand-sewn. Most of these are worn regularly. A lot are op-shop purchases and there are certainly RTW items. I am trying to buy less RTW each year and only items I couldn’t make myself.

I’m also investigating more second-hand fabric purchases. Recently I got a good amount of vintage wool John Kaldor fabric from ebay – enough for a winter shirt and in a truly beautiful paisley print.

So, while I’m not totally following Slow Fashion October, I’m inspired by it because, unsurprisingly, the makes I take time and trouble over do tend to become the lasting favourites. I’m committed to making wearable toiles – so often in the past a piece of sewing has just ended up being the wrong fit. I’m shopping the stash, thinking about seasonal sewing and totally inspired by a mood board!

Embroidered Wrap

One of the prompts that was offered by Slow Fashion October was to look at your wardrobe and find the item you’ve had for the longest time, or treasure the most. I asked my mother to buy me this wrap for my twenty-fifth birthday. I still wear it and it still gives me pleasure.

What’s your most treasured item of clothing? What do you regret losing, giving away or selling?

Want to read more about sustainability and fashion? Check out Dressed Podcast interview with Tara St. James. Also the work of Kate Fletcher and India Flint.






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