who is fern & thread?

Fern and Thread Sewing Blog

We’re a mother-daughter team from Melbourne, Victoria. Catherine is an award-author, and Helen is a sommelier & student. Our professions don’t define us, though, and we both have an army of hobbies that tend to take over our lives at times! Catherine knits, sews, spins, dyes, photographs, bird-watches, gardens, and tends to her sourdough. Helen sews, knits, embroiders, creates jewellery, sings, struggles to strum a guitar, travels, photographs, and tends to her indoor plants.


Sometimes this blog will delve into one of our little side projects, which we hope you’ll enjoy as much as our sewing. For the most part, this blog documents our sewing & knitting plans, projects, and adventures. Choose a topic in the menu to see our latest content. Enjoy!