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A lot has been going on at Fern and Thread HQ, and we have two new projects coming out in the next couple of months! You lucky wordpress followers will find out first – so make sure you’re subscribed to get ahead on all the new content!

Pro Tip – Fern & Thread will soon have a Patreon page – if you’re impressed by our content, please give us a little more funding to create more just for you!


Fern and Thread Sewing Blog
Fern & Thread: Yes, our logo has changed again! Our logo is meant to represent an embroidery hoop caught up in ferns.






Sew Vino logo site icon


Sew Vino: This is a vlog series which we’ll be launching very soon, where I match my favourite wines to my latest makes.

Until very recently I was studying & working in the wine industry, so this project combines two of my greatest loves! I’ll talk more about in my first episode, which should be up within the month – subscribe to our youtube channel here so you don’t miss out!
Forgotten Threads Logo

Forgotten Threads: I am a History student, and for my final year I am undertaking a research project which will be documented on this blog.

There’s going to be a podcast, some videos, and a few blog entries – so follow Forgotten Threads on WordPress & Insta too for all the content!



Thanks as always for keeping up-to-date with our adventures! Remember, following us helps to support the blog & keeps us creating new content. If you have a blog we’d love, leave a link in the comments & we’ll be sure to follow you too!


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