2019 #makenine … well, make five

It might have become apparent by now that I struggle to stick to deadlines & wishlists for my sewing – and blogging. I have attempted the Make Nine challenge the last couple of years. It’s just that with every new pattern release, or fabric shop, there is something more exciting to play with!

The best sewing decision I ever made was signing up to a jeans-making course in Glasgow at The Stitchery (now closed while the lovely Cassandra finishes her masters). I relished the challenge of jeans-making, and it led to me taking more care and patience in my sewing.

So enter my #makefive….

Challenging myself to make five complex or ‘difficult’ garments over the year is much more achievable.

Pattern One: Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns


I’ve seen a few beautiful examples of this pattern popping up on Insta recently. I think that creating a ‘Kelly Kit’ – with all the hardware you need – has made this pattern much more approachable. I noticed some when I was in Fibresmith last month, and have already got a button fly and zip fly kit.

I haven’t made a coat pattern yet, and this might be an ambitious first go. There are many other, more traditional, and probably easier, patterns out there. The thing is, I LOVE the vintage coat I already own, and as I’m planning on moving back to Europe in the not-too-distant future, it seems reckless to sew another. I actually still love a coat I bought from Pimpkie in Spain in 2014, so it’s doubly-reckless!

All that is to say, the anorak will be a good in-between for Spring & Autumn in Europe, and probably good enough for much of Winter in Melbourne! It’s also a pattern which I’m sure will teach me a lot!

Pattern Two: Fiona Sundress by Closet Case Patterns

Ok, I know, this is the second and not the last of the Closet Case Patterns! I trust Heather Lou though. I know there will be sew-alongs, and detailed instructions, and when you’re trying something new, that is invaluable!

Fiona_Sundress_Pattern_Summer_dress_pattern-7_1280x1280I have some gorgeous linen I’m keeping safe for this project, bought from, of course, The Fabric Store. I haven’t settled on buttons yet, but I will be looking for some wooden types made from a deep brown colour – let me know if you have any suggestions!

And why this pattern? I think midi-length skirts (or trousers) are the only practical option in an Australian Summer. I am not a fan of sticking to seats. Secondly, this pattern gives me the opportunity to conquer buttons and buttonholes! And thirdly, I think the seam lines on this will give me plenty of fitting options.



Pattern Three: Lander Pants by True Bias


Yeah, so, back to this pattern! How many times have I said I’m making this?! I have not one, but two fabrics in my stash ready for it. It will happen, folks. I promise. Eventually. Maybe just as shorts. Maybe for me, and a friend.






Pattern Four: Sierra Bralette by Madalynne


I don’t have enough money to buy endless pairs of beautiful bralettes, and neither do I have the bust to require actual support! It’s a perfect combination for sewing – fitting should, I hope, be easier. No underwire required. Easy. I hope.

I’m going to ask for a findings kit for Christmas, and I will also continue to harvest findings off my old bras. The game plan is three new bralettes by next Christmas. To be honest, this might be a placeholder pattern – if I get another which I can use with fabrics I own, I’ll try that first.

Pattern Five: Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns


Finishing the list how it started! I never actually finished the jeans I made in that course… well, I did, then cut them into shorts and ruined them (evidence can be found on Insta, if you scroll back far enough). I thought I had found the perfect, ethical RTW pair in my Nobody Denim Jeans. Unfortunately, the dream was too lofty to be true, and less than a year after I bought them these are falling apart for the second time.

I know skinny jeans are inherently more fragile. But if I can make them myself, and get used to the sewing, I’ll always be able to replace them. And turning an old pair into a miniskirt is such a good way to rescue ripped crotches.


I want to sew pieces that will last, not fast fashion. 

That’s essentially what this #makefive is about – focusing my efforts on a smaller, achievable number of focused projects.





Have you decided on a Make Nine? Or have you given up? Let me know in the comments below!! 

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